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"All of them wore the cast-off clothes of other men and women, were made up of patches and pieces of other people's individuality, and had no sartorial existence of their own proper." 

~ Dickens



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HELP Hearing on Equal Pay

"We should leave behind discrimination, because it is narrow-minded and ignorant, denies contact and warmth, and corrodes mankind’s belief that we can better ourselves. The only way to avoid misunderstanding, war, and bloodshed is to defend freedom of expression and to communicate with sincerity, concern, and good intentions." 
~Ai Weiwei

Der Spiegel: NSA Put Merkel on List of 122 Targeted Leaders

The Young Turks Show Podcast April 2, 2014





HELP Hearing on Equal Pay

Senator Elizabeth Warren

This below started my day with a smile and a couple of good belly laughs, kids are real masters at improvisation... thinking about some of these will crack me up all day long..kos

You’re probably already aware of the phrase, “kids say the darndest things.” Well, it is a saying for good reason. Our little proteges, whether they are toddlers or teens, are more aware and clever than most people give them credit for. Their growing minds are like sponges (with attitudes). So don’t be surprised if you ever discover how awesomely hilarious some children are.

You’re not convinced? Well, here’s 25 awesome examples.

Honestly, most of those kids were way more clever than most people I work with. Give them props and share their awesomeness by sharing this article.
Via Bored Panda

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scent Masking, The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them.

Sure must be a great consolation to the poor people who lost their stock in the late crash to know that it has fallen in the hands of Mr. Rockefeller, who will take care of it and see it has a good home and never be allowed to wander around unprotected again. There is one rule that works in every calamity. Be it pestilence, war, or famine, the rich get richer and poor get poorer. The poor even help arrange it. 
Will Rogers,  cwy, clairmore, ok

today's history tomorrows fiction

Good News Next Week - #NewWorldNextWeek

Fox News Rips Bradley Cooper And Zach Galifianakis


Banning Warrantless Data: Utah Governor Signs Privacy Bill into Law
NASA: Saturn Moon Has Large Underground Ocean
Activist Post

Promotion Given To Cops Who Shot Occupy Activist Scott Olsen
Brandon Turbeville

Cell Phone Industry Beats Public Health Concern in Maine
Kevin Samson

Another False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack Planned
Stephen Lendman

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Will Kesler

Town Covers Up Agent Orange Scandal at Former Air Force Base
Aaron Dykes

ACLU Takes on Second Amendment-Related Free Speech Case
Lily Dane

Judicial Watch Played Into The Government’s Hands
Paul Craig Roberts

John Kerry Says Denying Climate Science Is ‘Malpractice’
Melissa Melton

Ohio Mumps Outbreak: 97% Vaccinated
Kenny Valenzuela

Shocking Facts About The Deindustrialization Of The U.S. That Everyone
Should Know

Michael Snyder

New Must-See Videos

ACLU Takes on Second Amendment-Related Free Speech Case

Ohio Mumps Outbreak: 97% Vaccinated

Gun Control is Racist!

Bill Clinton “Wouldn't Be Surprised” If Aliens Existed

Step Outside the Cancer Treatment Box with Ty Bollinger

GOOD Alternative News Breakdown

Town Covers Up Agent Orange Scandal at Former Air Force Base

chemicals determi  to the detrament nine tlant to animinal someone decifer

Security News

Team Zuck paid out $1.5m for 687 reports of vulnerabilities

Software News

Build 2014 Compilers, libraries, and tools released with full source code

Science News

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I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live as if there isn't and to die to find out that there is. Albert Camus

"It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms." 
-- John Stockwell, former CIA official and author 

Learning to develop my social empath skills has led to a open mind that suspends judgement until I understand what they are saying, that may 'they/me' want to be heard; most are hamstrung with a limited vocabulary to express true honest sentiments about hurts, thanks to public education. The state limits the tool you get to carry on about social order. That is what they let teachers know to not CIVICS.  how to be unselfisth is nowhere be selfish is to dictate to the rest of the class.

IF Money(green paper) defines you; your self worth is only defined by a bank account, prolly too late to tell you that you missed out on life.  It is not your fault you where born, conditioned to behave this way............your thought is evidence that maybe another way is better, as spiritual self mutilation becomes normal.

Do your job, buy more stuff everyone must do their part to speed up the end, so as to mitigate as much suffering in a timely manor, diliver post haste.

"The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment." - Robert M. Hutchins

“In the 24 hours since this time yesterday, over 200,000 acres of rainforest have been destroyed in our world. Fully 13 million tons of toxic chemicals have been released into our environment. Over 45,000 people have died from starvation, 38,000 of them children. And more than 130 plant and animal species have been driven to extinction by the actions of humans. And all this just since yesterday.” - Thom Hartmann

Whistleblower Fights for Our Youth: CPS Exposed as Kidnapping Agency

My Warning To Expatriates

Pedophiles, Drugs and Money in the New World Order - #NewWorldNextWeek

Fmr NM Governor Gary Johnson Says Police Brutality Is A Problem Nationwide Not Just Albuquerque 


 The Kerry-Lavrov Chess Match

By Pepe Escobar

The latest American stunt is a massive propaganda drive of "The Reds are coming" kind, about Russian troops massing at the border.

Countering the Western BIG LIES on Syria on Western Terms


The US's moral integrity is always unquestioningly taken as sacrosanct by the mass media.

Abbas: Palestinians to Seek Further UN Recognition

By Karin Laub

Abbas said he was compelled to take action because Israel had failed to carry out a promised released of veteran Palestinian prisoners.

Carbon Delirium

By Michael Klare

The Last Stage of Fossil-Fuel Addiction and Its Hazardous Impact on American Foreign Policy.

Human Rights Breached by Continued Protest Violence, Venezuelan Ombudswoman Says

By Zoë Clara Dutka

International corporate media has done a poor job of representing the situation, oftentimes using unclear photos to form a negative public opinion.

CIA Misled On Interrogation Program, Senate Report Says

By Greg Miller, Adam Goldman and Ellen Nakashima

The CIA misled the government and the public about aspects of its brutal interrogation program for years - concealing details about the severity of its methods.

NSA Blows Its Own Top Secret Program in Order to Propagandize

By Glenn Greenwald

This demonstrates how brazenly the NSA manipulates and exploits the consultation process in which media outlets are forced (mostly by legal considerations) to engage prior to publication of Top Secret documents.

'Just Salute and Follow Orders':
When Secrecy and Surveillance Trump the Rule of Law

By John W. Whitehead

The American people have been cheated and lied to for so long that we've arrived at a stage of disbelief and skepticism.

In Case You Missed It
The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

By Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers exposes the inner workings of the secret government. Though originally broadcast in 1987, it is even more relevant today.

Is American Democracy Headed to Extinction?

By Stein Ringen

In Athens, democracy disintegrated when the rich grew super-rich, refused to play by the rules and undermined the established system of government.

In the US, Democracy is Now a Sham

Guest post by Ray

What they are really trying to spread is not Democracy but Predatory Capitalism.

The "Billionaire's Primary": Meet America's New Political Bosses

By Terrance Heath

Right-wing billionaires are building their own political machines, to promote their personal interests and preserve their profits.

The Federal Reserve Has No Integrity

By Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler

The Federal Reserve's lack of integrity speaks volumes about the corruption of the US government.

Stock Buybacks and Margin Debt

By Mike Whitney

Investors seem to think that the Fed has superhuman powers and can stop the market from correcting. But that's a bad bet.

RAW Police Video Captures Shooting Of James Boyd


James Boyd had been camping in a spot that the state deemed "illegal." Trigger happy officers were dispatched to the scene and Boyd was murdered by them.



Policy News

Cancer patients missed appointments

Security News

Online bazaar fixes store account hijack flaw, we're told

Software News

MySQL 5.7 'development milestone' release

Science News

Turning research labs into devices

Metallica With cocacola-zero live in Antartica Full Concert (8/12/2013)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"What you are doing speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying' RWE

Now, I suppose, is the time to tell why I decided to get a nursing degree:   Some of my earliest memories are/were those when I was afraid my mother was going to die,  kill herself, hurt herself someway.  Throughout my early childhood mom struggled with severe mental health issues.  There are labels for such conditions, most all carry the stigma of the mentally unstable, for what ever the reason. Organic or environmental, the experts of the day could not explain what the catalysis was or how this fatal condition manifest,  perhaps, some say, stemming from a traumatic experience during early childhood of critical development, something significant that changed the norm forever;  abuse physically, sexually, or psychological...anything pointing toward the pathology of self destruction something that was left unresolved, unaddressed, untreated, who knows really.  My theroy:  cognitive dissidence, i.e. as emmerson observed "What you are doing speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying':  I was fortunate to share in this mad household of which no two days were alike, ever. Learn to deal with life anytime, anywhere, addressing or discounting anyone. psych 101.0: manipulation, confrontation is good for the soul.

Dropping out of high school and joining the army at 17 got me away from the dysfunctional family. My paper route then was the only thing I had going to support myself, I cut grass, gathered pop bottles, dog napped a pooch once and held him for ransom, mom made me give it back. A childhood cut short so I could try and make a life as normal as I could, one that afforded me some sence of security outside church. I think one of the main reasons I became an infantry scout was so I wouldn't have to worry physically about getting hurt and could intervene and pull a Shane on the would-be bad guys, protect the weak type stuff...level the playing field on the side of justice.

Managing that grocery store after I left nursing has a much deeper meaning that I can finally tell....Those I worked closely with in Gore have not a clue about this one.

My mother Mae Imogen Cason (Beard then) lived in Ft. Smith, ARK.  she WORKED FOR HARP'S GROCERY, the store that used to be next to St. Edwards Medical Mercy Center on Rodgers and Carol Ann Cross ft. smith, ar 

To all my former front-end managers, checkers, closing managers, video, produce, GMD, the scores of good people that came and went.  All the folks I had the privilege sharing that workspace.  My mother was the front-end manager and trainer for the newly built flagship Harps store while i was still in the army.

 This is what happened:   she worked there a few years and felt, justly so, that she should be promoted into management since she was training the young entry level carbon copy college clones all on track to be her boss/es, then these manager trainees go on to earn a better income than her all the while not knowing a fraction compared to her skill set, the same dudes that sought out her advice on a number of retail and social situations relating to the business, the knowledge that comes from experience, she cheerfully complied and helped them all.  Only to be denied by the glass ceiling women still face systemically today.

This galled her........ no title was O-Kay, all she really wanted was some recognition and a little respect for her efforts so the job would not be meaningless, she had put in her time, and her experience was valuable to her and those she trained, she was good at what she did and was well liked by all but the Don Harp family.

 The company knew she could be replaced by someone quieter and someone who would work cheaper for part-time cut-throat wages. So this women filed suit with the equal opportunity employment commission for mother David vs. Goliath in the 'right to work state' of Arkansas. Harp's threw her away like a piece of trash and that company is poorer for the loss the social value of such an organization should be diminished, the gross mismanagement of human resources is contemptible.
The endeavor earned her the respect of her peers and a trip to the unemployment line, she actually tried to organize a labor union of retail sales workers, some part of the afl/cio and had the union representatives over to her house along with 75% of the staff wanted to join the union.  Unions are futile in right to work states but she made the effort and got results. Several of those in attendence at the union organization rally got sacked for one reason or no reason, thanks to right to work in an 'at will' workplace.  Mom was racked with guilt over those that sided with her and were fired.

  Workers are screwed.  I would venture to say that the regional players in the biz here employ only 2 out of 10 positions full-time with benefits and of those jobs most are with management.  To the rest slave wages and public heads and rice.

Although she did not need the job, she did like to work.  Loosing her job profoundly depressed her fragile psyche and she never did fully recover.  Her hospitalizations became more frequent and of a longer duration for the next few years. Finally she could not function with out constant supervision.  I became friends with one of her nurses after I got out of the army.  I thought if this guy can be a nurse then so can I, and that is what i set about doing; dropped out of computer science programme at the UofA and was accepted into the nursing program at west-ark that lead to the BSN at Ft. Smith.

Surprisingly I made very good grades in nursing and liked most areas of the field, especially the mental health stuff. Learning things i could immediately apply in everyday life appealed to me. Sadly very sadly my mother never lived long enough for me to care for her as a full fledged RN,  she killed herself my last semester of school.  I tried to stay in but the truth is I lost interest in that vocation after mother died, she and my step-mom both died within that year and those two where the only reason I even tried to practice.

Fast forward 1987, mom died, I quit nursing, left arkansas for good, went back to school:  two new majors business admin/sociology at northeastern state here in Tahlequah....
Need job, get part-time job.......... Harps Gore, OK. Work and go to school full time.   Have plan, I believe Harps did my mother wrong and decide the company is partially responsible for her death by compounding her depression.   The EEOC case of hers dragged on for 4 years before harps finally won

Takes me 4 years to make manager and assume hiring and firing, most all staffing decisions.

To all the women employed during my tenure there, did anyone notice that one of the first things I did was make checkers stock and stockers check, various other managers positions became women mostly from then on, any women or man that wanted consideration for a open position got a fair look based qualifications.  I intentionally broke gender roles in the name of my mother and no one even knew, Had harps known that the lady that gave them so much trouble was none other than my mother.  I don't think I would have worked there almost 15 years. I could have become bitter and I don't think any would find fault after all is said and done.  I was done in by the very people I gave a break to, that and burnt out from long 12-14 days, gone so long and so often the mouths I fed forgot why I was not there, many days sun up sun down week ends week nights holidays ice storms............

There was a time when I loved that job and couldn't wait to get up and eagerly go in to work.....whoa, then there was a time I would rush in to work just to get away from 'her' and stay just to keep from coming home to.... well, you know, I did, for the most part, have a much better support system at work than at home, pity.

with my moms family, I guess, if you wasn't born on the sewer then I must have to give her something for her skills to lift me out.  My children will never know or concern themselves with such trivial matters as the next meal. I am glad they don't care.........silence speaks volumes. sacrifice? with love.

 Looking hindsight I wouldn't change a thing to start from (ain't quit done yet) even here to finish(Scandinavian?)............I`d do her just to fuck`in all over again.  I am mean enough to wait for you on the other more tears, see you, gonna see you, on my front side, else got no other sides to spare, others all took up space for now..